Civil Law Bar Exam Preparation II

3.00 crs.

Focuses on preparation for the Louisiana Bar Examination.  This course addresses strategies and techniques to properly answer the essay and multiple choice question on the bar exam.  Additionally, the course addresses legal analysis and Louisiana rules of law that are frequently tested on the bar.  The subjects covered may include select portions of three to five subjects drawn from the following options:  Louisiana Torts, Donations, Sales and Leases, Louisiana Business Entities, or Constitutional Law.  The exact subjects covered will be within the professor's discretion.  In addition to a final examination, graded in-class examinations will be given during the semester for each subject covered.  All examinations will closely resemble the actual bar examination questions.  *NOTE: This course is only open to students in their final year. *Note, Bar Preparation I is not a prerequisite for Bar Preparation II.