Advanced Legal Research

3.00 crs.

This practical, skills-based course is designed to help prepare students for practice or future study by building on the research techniques presented in Lawyering I. Advanced Legal Research focuses on the effective use of electronic and print legal research tools and examines existing sources for both legal and non-legal information of interest to lawyers. Students will receive advanced training on comprehensive proprietary online research systems (Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law), and be introduced to specialized online systems (ProQuest, BNA, and CCH Intelliconnect). This course will provide coverage of selected research subjects, including statutory research, legislative history, administrative and regulatory research, practice aids, research strategies, and various specialized areas, such as an introduction to international/foreign research sources. The focus is on the practical application of research resources in various areas, for instance compiling a legislative history, drafting a comment to a regulation, or compiling a company profile. Assessment is based on five experiential learning exercises and a final project, and students should be prepared to present their work in a professional format (both orally and in writing). Students completing the course earn three experiential learning credits and one skills credit.